Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's Farming

This second year for our vineyard has been filled with challenges and leasons learned.

The Barbera was well on it's way to a great year and reaching for the cordon wire when a late frost came. A large percentage of vines with new shoots were hurt and are still way behind this year.

Next, with many windy days in the Spring - we had to battle mites in the Primitivo. In addition, the wind hindered out ability to do weed control all around the vineyard.

Then of course we have our regular visitors - deer. They've done more than enough hedging. The deer fence provisions have to be in place before next Spring!
Finally, the smoke from the many fires around the Golden State. Look closely at this photo and you might even see the sun.
The good news is - we have 210 new Chardonnay vines planted and they're doing great.

Crush in the Foothills

Harvest has come a few weeks early for many of the vineyards here in Placer County California. With a neighboring vineyard of Syrah on the verge of being over-ripe and wasted - we picked about 2300-lbs, crushed/destemmed, and coaxed approximately 200-gallons of must on it's way to being wine.